Yana Toom: we are on a common market where anything goes or the EU treaties should be amended


During an "Esimene stuudio" debate that was broadcast from Brussels, Estonian MEPs agreed that Europe is not giving Ukraine enough support, as well as that opening up EU treaties in light of potential new members requires further debate, ERR News report.

Yana Toom (Center) pointed to a geographical trend in the European Parliament regarding delegates who might be less motivated to help Ukraine. "There is war weariness, even though I can see attempts not to notice it in the Estonian press," she added. Toom also said that while it is often suggested Ukraine's EU accession is within reach, this is a misconception and the Ukrainians are supplied with false hope instead of more aid today.

Yana Toom also pointed out that making promises to potential new members is at variance with being categorically opposed to amending the main treaties in failure to answer how the unanimity principle should be observed in the case of 36 member countries.

The debate over the main treaties revolves around values, while the treaties themselves do not protect values and rather serve as common market rules, Yana Toom remarked. "We need to decide whether we are on a common market where anything goes, including things we find reprehensible in terms of values. If we decide it is not acceptable, changes need to be made."