Yana Toom: we need the minimum wage regulations that are binding


In the Euronews' Brief programme MEP Yana Toom answered some questions about the minimum wage regulations for all EU countries.

"Always when we touch something which works well in some member states, there is the fear that the European regulator will lower the standards, but this is not the case. We are speaking about minimum standards not maximum," Yana Toom, an Estonia MEP with Renew Europe and the European Parliament rapporteur on the minimum wage proposal, said.

The Commission is evaluating whether or not to introduce binding legislation to make sure member states apply the rules they will propose. "There is no need to continue to issue recommendations that nobody implements, So I believe we need that these things are binding and it is absolutely clear that minimum wage has to ensure people at least decent working conditions," MEP Yana Toom also said.