Estonian MEPs Yana Toom, Urmas Paet nominated for MEP Awards


Two of Estonia's members of the European Parliament, Yana Toom (Centre/ALDE) and Urmas Paet (Reform/ALDE), have been nominated for the parliament's awards, which were set up to recognise distinguished efforts of members in various fields of legislative work, News.ERR reports.

Mr Paet was nominated for the 2019 MEP Award for his contribution in the fields of security and defence, while Ms Toom was nominated for her engagement in the fields of employment, social affairs and regions.

Ms Toom is recognised for her efforts to draw attention to the issue of statelessness as well as her efforts to improve social guarantees in the eurozone. "It's nice to see that my fight against statelessness is being noticed," she said in a Thursday press release.

Mr Paet has become an authority on European defence and security as well as cybersecurity in the European Parliament. His work towards closer cooperation of EU members in these areas has spawned several reports, among other topics on the EU's Arctic policy as well.

In her press release on Thursday, Ms Toom congratulated Mr Paet on his nomination. "The fact that a third of Estonia's MEPs has been nominated is excellent," she wrote.

The MEP Awards were set up in 2005 by The Parliament Magazine in recognition of members of the European Parliament who have contributed significantly to its legislative, supervisory or budgetary role. This year's awards are to take place in Brussels on 20 March.