Yana Toom MEP won't stand for Centre Party leadership against Jüri Ratas


Centre Party MEP Yana Toom has stated that it is not her intention to run for leadership of the Centre Party at the party's internal elections in October (ERR News).

Speaking to ETV current affairs show 'Aktuaalne Kamera' on Friday, Ms. Toom said that ''there is no need, we have a party chairman already,'' referring to current chair, and prime minister, Jüri Ratas, who is the only currently nominee for the leadership election.

Ms. Toom had run against Jüri Ratas at the last Centre Party leadership election in 2016, receiving 348 votes to his 654, but feels that running against him this time, on 13 October, would be pointless, not least due to the general election taking place just six months later. A change of leader so close to the election could damage the party's chances, she felt.

Yana Toom added that she would still wish to have a seat on the Centre Party board and that additionally the Narva association of the party is not in any hurry to nominate a candidate, since there are more urgent issues, she said.