Toom: Russian airstrikes in Syria will help stop flood of migrants


Estonian MEP and Center Party heavyweight Yana Toom said the situation in the Middle East is not under control and Russian airstrikes will help to curb the tide of asylum seekers heading to Europe.

“The speciality of our allies, the Americans, is to solve international problems by creating new, even more complicated ones,” Toom said in an opinion piece in Eesti Päevaleht, arguing that since Afghanistan, the United States has played games with radical Islamic extremists and helped to create the Islamic State by supporting moderate Muslims in toppling secular dictators.

“It is especially unpleasant that the hated Putin warned about the destabilization of the Middle East, and it seems he was right. People in Brussels believed a society can be taken directly from Renaissance to postmodernism, but instead, the Middle East fell into a new dark age,” she said, adding that people escape, even with great risks, from any region where they could be burned alive or sold into slavery.

Toom said a government must be restored in Libya and the Islamist danger in Levante eradicated. According to her, the Western coalition has so far failed because its members have different goals. Turkey, for example, is probably buying up cheap oil from the Islamic State and helping refugees to the European Union border, she said.

Toom also claimed it is al-Assad, the Syrian president, who is battling the Islamic State on the ground, and Russia is backing him, adding that any allies against the Islamic State should be welcomed before Europe must address the problem of Islamic extremist fronts in Spain or protecting Vienna from an invasion.