Baits are beginning to realize that they were deceived


Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius admitted in a TV channel Lietuvos rytas, that apparently, Lithuania will have to accept more refugees than previously announced.

"I think that will be appointed for a further number of these workers and for Lithuania, but today to say what it would be number - premature," - said the head of government. "We will act in solidarity, but above all must be taken into account the level of development of each country of the EU. It should be borne in mind that Lithuania accepts people from Ukraine. We are here, and we treat them, and they are involved in the rehabilitation process. So, with regard to Lithuania should be made a specific exception in the calculation of this figure, "- said Butkevičius.

It should be noted that in July the results of negotiations with the European Union Lithuania has pledged to take from the territory of other EU states 325 immigrants - 255 from Italy and Greece and 70 - from Turkey. It should be mostly refugees from Syria. However, since the flow of refugees in the EU is not decreasing, the Commission proposes to reallocate between EU member states still 160 thousand people who are seeking asylum. In addition, Vilnius agreed to accept about 50 Ukrainians with Lithuanian roots, have expressed a desire to move to the Baltic States.

Note that the other officials of the Baltic countries are gradually beginning to introduce into the heads of voters thought that the adoption of hundreds of refugees will not be limited. In particular, the MEP from Latvia Andrei Mamykin told the news agency LETA, that the state may have to take in the near future 250, as the government has announced, and 6000 refugees. "Installed Latvia formula stipulates that you need to take 1,1% of the total number of refugees", - he explained. If Latvia in its time expressed willingness to accept immigrants from the Ukraine, as did some EU countries, now she would not have to participate in the reception of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. "But then we said" no "because they were afraid of Donbass and supporters of Putin" - reminded Mamykin.

Meanwhile, in Estonia continues scandal surrounding arson Center for temporary accommodation for refugees in the village of Vao, which took place a few days ago. Estonian MEP Jana Toom said on Radio Baltkom, that in this country an aversion to strangers from the third world is firmly consolidates the Russian and Estonian part of society. At the same time, she said, "our society was divided into those who think that refugees need help at any cost and those who absolutely do not want to accept nationals of third countries."

Toom emphasized: "The attitude of the people of Estonia to the disproportionate number of refugees among migrants, we are talking about. According to the agreement on quotas, Estonia will receive less 200 people. " She also noted that among the political views on this issue, too, are divided. "Now quietly growing rating of" right-wing "parties is motivated by fears of the forthcoming influx of immigrants. In fairness, I should note that I never heard from refugees, that among all the countries of Europe they would like to choose Estonia. We are not the most enviable place for us to run, "- says Yana Toom.

As reported EADaily, the day before the unknown set fire to the Center for Temporary Accommodation of refugees in the Estonian village of Vao. Toom said that this incident is a "disturbing incident, which is in line with the events that are currently observed in Europe." In this she showed unanimity with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, said that he was at the news of the burning of the center was "ashamed and uncomfortable."

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