Survey organized by an Estonian MEP says that people skeptical about war with Russia


Estonian MEP Yana Toom ordered a public opinion survey about potential war with Russia. The results show that only 5 percent of the respondents fear that Estonia would have a war with Russia, and 21 percent hold it possible.

The survey, conducted by social and market research company Saar Poll, was part of the preparation for a conference that Toom is organizing. The conference will be held in Narva, in February, and was paid for by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

The results also reveal that 61 percent of ethnic Estonians and 92 percent of non-Estonians don't believe in an open conflict with Russia.

Toom has said that the conference, due to take place shortly before the March elections, is not part of the Center Party's, of which Toom is a member, election campaign.