“The Brussels Diary with Yana Toom”: Split Between EU and US


Every year, the elites convene at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and discusses “where are we going?” Global decisions are seldom made there – the forum tends to dot the i’s. The current Davos confirmed: we have changed on the geopolitical front.

The split between the EU and the US is deepening. Trump’s behaviour in Davos astonished everyone. Although, maybe it should be put like this? The chairman of a collective farm arrived at the exhibition – and it all started: you need to milk, to cultivate...

Only Davos is not an exhibition of the achievements of a national economy, but instead a place where everything is settled. And the contrast between the US and the EU is obvious here. European leaders urged the elite to join the fight for environment and social equality. Something was achieved, with dozens of corporations agreeing to report on environmental and social indicators.

Well, Trump rumbled like a tank and spoke only about the greatness of America. He rejected the scientific consensus on climate change as nonsense from the “perennial prophets of apocalypse.” Quote: “These alarmists always demand the same thing: absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.”

A very accurate description of Trump himself. He does everything to ensure that the United States can exercise control and dictate conditions. A nuclear deal with Iran was made – no, we need to get out of it, kill an Iranian general, drag the world into a new war and then declare that a new deal is needed – under US conditions.

Before that, the “international orange” managed to disrupt NATO, almost quarrel with the EU, declare a trade war on China and much more. The tactics are simple: reckless attack, threats on Twitter, shaking the fists of American power, then – retreat, compromise, declare love for the enemy ... and a new attack. See, the enemy gets tired and surrenders. Currently, Trump is going through a phase of love for China and intends to deal with Europe, although yesterday it was the other way round. As in a Russian poem: “I loved you, and you and you. But I loved you last time. But do not hide under the mat – now I am falling in love with you.”

Where is the line between patriotism and egocentrism – it doesn’t matter. Trump is like the legendary King Midas, only Midas turned what he touched into gold. The participation of the US president, however, makes everything a PR event for Trump himself. Iran, China, the EU and the Davos Forum are small episodes in the life of Donald the Great and the Terrible. His willingness to cooperate – zero.

What does the EU think about this? Angela Merkel said in Davos: “We are not one of those who keep on saying how great we are. We are more concerned about what we are not doing properly. This is a difference of cultures.” The audience, who understood this subtle hint, laughed, and Merkel added: “I don’t understand what’s funny.”

Not a funny feeling. At present, the European and American strategies are completely different. Europe is developing its economy and fighting for the global environment. The US – fighting the whole world. Do Europeans want a trade war? Not at all. But if we are under attack, we will defend ourselves. One can only rely on oneself; it is no wonder that the leader of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, spoke in Davos about the European Defence Union again. The EU is a force. And Trump is confirming by his behaviour that he really dislikes our strength.

See you next week!